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Pariah 5
pariah 5
podcast 5
* pounds so I don't think it would have been in the asshole 2
12 monkeys on Sci-fi 2
501Radio501 2
Al Sharpton race baiting again 2
Amy Schumer's gun control views 2
Amy is a friend of Anthony Cumia's and he is a big gun supporter 2
Andrew Dice Clay 2
Ant and Dani's relationship 2
Ant's twitter rant about the people that attacked him in times square 2
Anthony Cumia's arrest 2
Anthony asking if Dani wants to sing karaoke 2
Anthony attractiveness 2
Anthony had a gun on him 2
Anthony is 54 Dani in 26 2
Anthony is very funny and opinionated 2
Anthony said he would pay for her to leave in the video 2
Anthony sounds far away 2
Anthony's drinking 2
Anthony's firing from SiriusXM 2
Anthony's firing situation 2
Anthony's interaction with black guests and black friends 2
Anthony's mansion 2
Anthony's persona 2
Anthony's views on race 2
Bill Cosby's arrest 2
Black on white violence 2
Both these stories show what my issues are with organized religion 2
Breast feeding mother mutilated and killed by Isis for indecency 2
Bye bobsopen on periscope 2
Characters and other fucks inside my head 2
Christians upset with Sarah Silverman 2
Christmas 2
Condom challenge 2
Counciler sending nude pics to troubled teenager 2
Couple wins lottery in England but the lottery doesn't have the money to pay them 2
Dani Golylightly is her stage name 2
Dani's redditt comments about her relationship with Anthony 2
Danni Brand's periscope video 2
De Dijk 2
Derailed by thinking about 8 pounds of meth in the asshole 2
Disparity in the media and legal system when it comes to racial crimes 2
Do I know any Bob's? 2
Do I know you? 2
Do any women have the farting fetish? 2
Don't fart during sex is my advice 2
Don't fret I'm still with you 2
Don't you like hearing about old people having sex? 2
Donderdisk 2
Donderslag 2
Drive around with a butt plug if this is an issue 2
Far more black on white violence than the other way around 2
Fart humor is not really my thing 2
Farting during sex 2
Farting in the patrol car 2
Fat Nick defending the neighborhood against black criminals was charged with a hate crime because he used racial language 2
Fetish talk before my break 2
Fine Print Pariah 2
Fuck off 2
Fuck the young turks 2
Funny lines in news stories 2
Good and bad 2
Has the show been good so far? 2
Have you ever had the uncontrollable nervous farts? 2
Haven and Gotham have been my two favorite TV shows this year 2
Haven is based on the Stephen King novel the Colorado kid 2
Haven series finale 2
He encased her head in cement and jumped in a lake 2
He is one of the guys that wants to shut down the toplessness in Times square 2
He just plain sucks is why people don't like him 2
He looks like Raul Julia 2
He may have thought he wouldn't be able to shit for a while if the cops arrest him 2
He sounded far away and relatively calm 2
Hearing noises outside 2
Hey is my crutch for today 2
Hit me up @mikemcgintyface on twitter 2
Hopefully they weren't hiding the meth in their assholes 2
How did she stream to periscope while the police were on the way 2
I DID use chicanery properly 2
I SUCK!! 2
I accidentally shut down the periscope video 2
I am one of the dumbest human beings that has ever walked god's green earth 2
I assume the cop talked this way 2
I can't be a republican because of the religious family values conservatives 2
I didn't appear that Anthony hit her 2
I didn't delete the condom challenge story 2
I didn't do shit 2
I discovered the show while watching wrestling with my son 2
I don't get why anyone would do meth 2
I don't give a fuck about the age difference 2
I don't know 2
I don't know if that's just because she's drunk 2
I don't know what happened 2
I don't know what to think or say about it 2
I don't think Anthony is a racist 2
I don't think he should have been fired 2
I don't think he was talking about all black people 2
I don't want to be associated with them 2
I feel naked when I'm not recording a video 2
I find shit gross 2
I find this cathartic 2
I forgot what I was going to say 2
I fuck up at times 2
I have a text message 2
I have another text message 2
I have taken a mocking tone when it comes to religion 2
I haven't been big into rap as of late 2
I haven't been feeling either show as much these days 2
I just play it up for the show 2
I kind of changed that after watching the video 2
I like Sarah Silverman and Amy Schumer 2
I may derail into craziness 2
I mean sexy 2
I never said it was good 2
I only make these videos for me anyway 2
I planned on playing Dani's 2
I pride myself on speaking properly 2
I said this is free flowing free form madness 2
I still want to talk about Anthony 2
I support him 2
I take a ugly selfie accidentally 2
I think I started off well 2
I want this show to take off 2
I want to see how this plays out 2
I want to smell nice 2
I was considering subscribing to Ant's show 2
I was going to play the porn music 2
I wasn't even recording a video 2
I wasn't recording the video 2
I will 2
I will respond and take a break 2
I will respond to that 2
I would have to be REALLY into a girl to enjoy her farts on any level 2
I would lose respect for Ant if this is true 2
I'll make it work 2
I'll stick around on periscope for a few more minutes 2
I'll take my time since this story is long 2
I'm 15 or 16 2
I'm a libertarian 2
I'm back 2
I'm excited to be back doing the show 2
I'm going to make videos that nobody will watch 2
I'm going to play me praying from two shows ago since I talked about it 2
I'm not jumping to conclusions 2
I'm not like this in everyday life 2
I'm not really angry 2
I'm playing Wax 2
I'm spending lots of time on this 2
I'm still doing this story though 2
I'm still taking a break 2
I'm sure woman don't enjoy guys farting 2
I'm very fiscally conservative 2
If Anthony did that I can't support him 2
If Anthony did this I can't support him as I said 2
If I say that shit one more time I'm going Anthony Cumia on myself 2
If you like him you may want to fuck Anthony 2
Imagine if this happened to you 2
Interacting with a viewer on periscope 2
Isis's brigade of women that attacks and harasses other women 2
It comes off poorly 2
It may be my favorite series finale 2
It needs to be the three of them 2
Jack Johnson 2
John Fogerty 2
KT Tunstall 2
Kudos to the media for reporting black on white violence 2
Lets read about Anthony Cumia's arrest first 2
Lets talk about me for a little while 2
Listen to the whole show on 2
Live on periscope with my gigantic head 2
Losing viewers when I talk about myself 2
MP3 2
MP3-speler 2
Making faces for the video again 2
Making fun of myself 2
Making it happen 2
Man kills himself with his wife's severed head 2
Man shits over the side of his boat while the cops are coming for him 2
McGinty podcast 2
Men hitting women without physical provocation 2
Men should as well 2
Meth users would still smoke it even if they kept farting on their meth 2
Meth was disguised a christmas presents 2
Mind body connection 2
Mind over matter 2
More than half of my shows have been done in this new crazy vibe 2
Most of them are older 2
My christmas tree is still up 2
My initial reaction was that I may be done with Anthony 2
My prayer session from a few shows ago 2
My sponge Bob teeth would look really bad on meth 2
My youtube videos do not get ANY views 2
Netherlands 2
New crutches 2
Nobody wants to hear about 91 year old women having sex? 2
up-solid down-solid